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    C-Tec CT1 Hybrid Polymer Sealant & Adhesive

    C-Tec CT1 Hybrid Polymer Sealant & Adhesive

    £11.99 | (£9.99 Ex. Vat)
    [video width="854" height="480" mp4="https://www.gws.ltd/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/CT1.mp4"][/video]C-Tec CT1. A unique Hybrid Polymer for sealing and construction bonding. Both sealing and structural bonding repairs can be successfully achieved even underwater.

    C-Tec MultiSolve.

    £6.00 | (£5.00 Ex. Vat)
    C-Tec MultiSolve is a complete new multi-purpose solvent for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants. MultiSolve removes * Tar & Chewing Gum from Carpets * Wax * Paraffin *...

    C-Tec BT1 Tribrid Bathroom Sealant White

    £15.00 | (£12.50 Ex. Vat)
    C-Tec BT1 is the ULTIMATE bathroom Sealant. (White) C-Tec have created a unique product upon which bacteria/microbes cannot survive, making it easier to maintain a more hygienic surface which is...

    C-Tec Peel Tec Paint Remover - 500ml

    £16.20 | (£13.50 Ex. Vat)
    CTec Peel Tec PEELTEC This revolutionary product can remove old layers of paint and lacquer on surfaces such as; stone, asphalt, metal and wood. Transparent in colour 500 ml  Does...

    C-Tec Miracle Seal Leak Sealer.

    £15.00 | (£12.50 Ex. Vat)
    C-Tec Miracle Seal Leak Sealer. Prevents Leaks & Seals Does not clog, Contains anti-corrosion and lubricating additives. MIRACLE SEAL is developed to make fast emergency repairs to leaking radiators, cooling...
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